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Parent Advisory Council
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The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is the officially recognized voice of parents at the school level. The PAC is composed of all parents registered in the school. School staff may be invited to PAC meetings. The PAC meeting schedule is set yearly at the first PAC meeting. Please see the monthly newsletter for PAC meeting dates each month. PAC discusses school issues of concern and organizes presentations and topics of interest to parents.



September 2023 Minutes Final.pdf

October 2023 Minutes Final.pdf


2022-2023 Minutes:

June 2022 Minutes Final.pdf

August 2022 minutes Final.pdf

September 2022 minutes Final.pdf

October 2022 Minutes Final.pdf

November 2022 Minutes Final.pdf

December 2022 Minutes Final.pdf

January 2023 Minutes Final.pdf

February 2023 Minutes Final.pdf

March 2023 Minutes Final.pdf

April 2023 Final minutes.pdf

May 2023 Draft minutes.pdf

2021-2022 Minutes:

September 2021 Minutes Final.pdf

October 2021 Minutes Final.pdf

November 2021 Minutes Final.pdf

December 2021 Minutes Final.pdf

January 2022 Minutes.pdf

February 2022 Minutes F.pdf

March 2022 Minutes Final.pdf

April 2022 Minutes Final.pdf

May 2022 Minutes Final.pdf

June Draft 2022 Minutes.pdf

2020-2021 Minutes:

September minutes 2020.pdf

October Minutes 2020.pdf

November 2020 Minutes.pdf

December 2020 Minutes.pdf

January 2021 Minutes.pdf

February 2021 Minutes Final.pdf

March 2021 Minutes Final.pdf

April 2021 minutes Final.pdf

May 2021 Minutes Final.pdf

June 2021 PAC Minutes Final.pdf

2019-2020 Minutes:

                            2019 Sept PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

                                 2019 Oct PAC minutes.pdf

                                2019 November PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

                                January 2020 Minutes (1).pdf     

                               February 2020 Minutes.pdf   

                                March Minutes (002) (1).pdf

                                June Minutes 2020.pdf

2018-2019 Minutes:

                                     2018 Sept PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

                                     2018 October PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

                                     2018 November PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

                                     2019 January PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf

                                     2019 February PAC Meeting Minutes.pdf


2017-2018 Minutes:


2016-2017 Minutes:

2015-2016 Minutes: