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Davidson Road Elementary
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Our Learning Story

​​​​Our  Learning Story

Our History

Davidson Road is a K-5 elementary school located in the heart of Lake Country, British Columbia.  Home to approximately 400 students, we are a school that has a strong and equal focus on the academics, the arts, and sport.  A rich and diverse student body populates the Davidson Road community and many of our students possess a wide range interests and abilities. 

49_11-400x304.jpegConstruction of Davidson Road Elementary began in 1983, and was completed in 1984. Because of the topography of the seven acre property, a unique design was adopted, and to provide a level playground area, the two-story building was set against a bank. There were six classrooms, a kindergarten room, a gym, a library and auxiliary areas. Two portables were needed in the very first year as there were 215 pupils registered and 14 staff. In 2000, a 8,000 square foot addition to Davidson Road Elementary School was completed. This included nine additional classrooms and new washrooms.

Davidson Road has a dedicated staff who offer many opportunities for our students' growth.  Along with the many learning experiences that occur inside the classroom, the staff also allow opportunities for multiple extra-curricular activities as a result of their dedication volunteerism, and expertise.

The school also has a supportive community of parents.  Our PAC members, who support the school in a variety of ways, dedicate a great deal of time to provide our students and our school with opportunities.  Whether it be through the purchasing of technology, supporting literacy/numeracy, helping with field trips, or coordinating our hot lunch program, Davidson Road is a better place because of the strong involvement of our parents.

​Our Learning Journey - A Five Year Plan

Update: November 2022

Davidson Road Elementary currently is in our first year of a five-year learning plan. The 2022-23 school year is our first and transitional year of our plan. During the transitional stage, we will start the process of having a series of learning conversations with staff, students, and parents. As a part of this process, we have identified a common belief in learning and brought focus to our school goals.

five year plan.png

In October 2022, our initial step was to identify our collective belief in learning. ​On our Implementation Day, staff participated in a variety of activities which got to our core beliefs about student and adult learning. The resulting statement gives us a guide to our learning, planning, and actions as we support Davidson Road students and families.

DRE Collective Belief of Learning 2.png

Davidson Road School Community Student Learni​ng Plan​

In the Fall of 2022, we also began a thourogh review of our work. We identified a number learning priorities in which we were spending our time and efforts: Communicating Student Learning, Social Emotional Learning, Learning Through Exploration and Indigenization, and the Foundational Skills of Numeracy and Literacy. Through a comprehensive process of analyzing evidence of our students' learning, we have narrowed our focus to three learning priorities.

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