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Davidson Road Elementary
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Our Learning Story

​​​​Our  Learning Story

Our History

Davidson Road is a K-5 elementary school located in the heart of Lake Country, British Columbia.  Home to approximately 400 students, we are a school that has a strong and equal focus on the academics, the arts, and sport.  A rich and diverse student body populates the Davidson Road community and many of our students possess a wide range interests and abilities. 

49_11-400x304.jpegConstruction of Davidson Road Elementary began in 1983, and was completed in 1984. Because of the topography of the seven acre property, a unique design was adopted, and to provide a level playground area, the two-story building was set against a bank. There were six classrooms, a kindergarten room, a gym, a library and auxiliary areas. Two portables were needed in the very first year as there were 215 pupils registered and 14 staff. In 2000, a 8,000 square foot addition to Davidson Road Elementary School was completed. This included nine additional classrooms and new washrooms.

Davidson Road has a dedicated staff who offer many opportunities for our students' growth.  Along with the many learning experiences that occur inside the classroom, the staff also allow opportunities for multiple extra-curricular activities as a result of their dedication volunteerism, and expertise.

The school also has a supportive community of parents.  Our PAC members, who support the school in a variety of ways, dedicate a great deal of time to provide our students and our school with opportunities.  Whether it be through the purchasing of technology, supporting literacy/numeracy, helping with field trips, or coordinating our hot lunch program, Davidson Road is a better place because of the strong involvement of our parents.

​Our Learning Journey - A Five Year Plan

Update: November 2023 - Our Learning Journey - The Second Year of a Five Year Plan​

Davidson Road Elementary currently is in our second year of our five-year learning plan. The 2023-24 school year is our planning and implementation year. During this stage, we continue the process of building the capacity of our educators in achieving our learning priorities through the lens of our collective belief in learning. "At Davidson Road Elementary, we believe that learning is an ongoing, personalized journey which takes patience and time. Meaningful learning happens in a safe environment where we can take risks and learn from our mistakes. The journey is supported by collaboration, curiousity, reflection, and our relationships with others."

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Davidson Road School Community Student Learni​ng Plan​

Our learning priorities continue to be numeracy, literacy, and social emotional learning. Of the three learning priorities, the staff has identified numeracy as our focus for 2023-24. We believe that the school community student learning plan is a collaborative, intentional, and authentic process that enhances and supports meaningful learning and development at the classroom, school, and community level. As a result, we are seeking to create the conditions for learner agency in order to deepen student understanding of these three learning priorities.

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